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This summer all thumbs point to Portugal!

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What are we all about?

HitchFest is a festival which will gather in the north of Portugal hitchhikers and nomad souls from all over the globe. For four days, we'll unpack from our backpacks skills and experiences collected on the road and share them with other travelers and all people interested.

Four days for sharing about different ways of traveling, different cultures and places of the world, ecology, spirituality and activism. Four days full of music and arts, friendship and diversity. Four days to celebrate life and movement, to promote hitchhiking and the art of travelling! Be welcome!

Do you want to present a topic, movie, blog or book? Perform with music or theater? Exhibit photos or paintings? Give a workshop? Have a food or handicraft stall? Share an idea or contribute in any way? Get in touch to getinvolved@hitchfest.org .


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