About HitchFest



This is the very first edition of HitchFest!

A festival which will gather in the north of Portugal travelers, hitchhikers and other nomadic creatures, as well as people who are simply curious about this art of travelling.

On one side, there are all these people thinking hitchhiking is some hobby from the 70s, way too hard and dangerous, and that to travel you have to be rich. On the other, all these travelers exploring the planet on their own - a thumb in the wind, a backpack on their backs and a new world in their hearts.

We want to spread the word about hitchhiking and the importance of individual experimentation as a form of personal development. To promote a world where fear gives way to trust, selfishness gives way to sharing and monotony to adventure.

We want to open a space for travelers to:

  • share their experiences through all corners of the world


  • share their talents: from handicraft to music, from writing to photography
  • exchange contacts, strengthen bonds and create new projects
  • dance, jump, stretch, breathe and laugh!

The HitchFest is also the begining of the 2017 Hitchgathering caravan! We invite everyone to hit the road from Portugal and join the 10th edition of the Hitchgathering, 10-26 August @ Traumschule in Riebau, Germany.

HitchFest is based in cooperation, diversity, friendship, ecology, spirituality and mutual-help. It is aware we are part of nature, and prefers natural construction, homemade, organic, local, healthy food, and zero waste (all discarded materials are seen as a resourse).

We want to support the local economy and reveal the natural beauty and traditions of Marco de Canaveses.

We want to celebrate life and movement!


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Come celebrate life and movement!