Why are there no tickets? Is it a free festival then?

HitchFest isn't free, because we have costs we have to cover - and since it's a non commercial event no brand will do that for us. We simply ask each participant to make a donation according to her or his situation and consciousness. Price tags are for products and consumers (and people tend to 'consume' festivals like any other good). They are often the link in a relation of alienation and non-responsibility. Free donation meens trust, participation, inclusion, shared responsibility and collective effort. With it, we want to assure that no one is left out of the festival - and to be part of the change we want to see.

What should I bring?

Bring all the gear you usually take for camping: tent or hammock, camping matt, sleeping bag... (we won't have any of these). Bring your music instruments and juggling gear. You can bring re-usable cup, plate and cutlery. You can bring anything you think will make you and us feel more at home! 

Will there be food at the HitchFest?

Yup! There will be a community kitchen where we'll cook together and create a warm atmosphere at the site! Two delicious meals a day, suitable for everyone - simple, affordable, healthy, local, vegan and vegetarian.  Please let us know if you have any allergies or food restrictions. There will also be travelers with food stalls (healthy stuff, mostly local and organic). Each stall will have its own menu and pricing. The goal is for travelers to support one another. 

Are there water sources at the HitchFest site?

Yes! There are clean drinkable water sources coming from Nature at the site! Bring refillable containers and enjoy.

Are there any groceries at the HitchFest site?

No! Please come prepared with food if you plan to cook at the site. There will be a shuttle bus connecting the site to Marco de Canaveses where you will find plenty of grocery stores. 

Are there showers and toilets at the site?

Yes! Please use them sensibly, respecting others and the environment. Bring only biodegradable soap, with no synthetic stuff - or you can also buy it at the festival!

Where can I leave my valuable stuff?

There will be a storage room to keep your stuff. There will namely be room for participantes to keep the valuable stuff they need for their presentations and performances.

Is there medical assistance at the place?

We will have volunteers who will attend your first aid needs, and we will have a collaboration with local medical assistance.

Can I make bonfires?

Sorry but... no way!! Portugal is a high risk country concerning forest fires! The surroundings of the festival are of super high risk. Please be careful with fire during the summer in Portugal.

Is HitchFest a family friendly place?

Yes, of course! A lot of hitchers travel with their family members! Feel free to enjoy HitchFest!

Can I bring my pets inside the site?

For safety reasons, you can only bring your pets to the festival site on a leash and keeping them under permanent suveillance. We want to prevent any injury, specially to children and to the pets themselves. You can always leave them by your tent or van. If you decide to bring your other half, please make sure you create nice conditions for her or him, and that you follow these indications.

Can I bring a bicycle with me?

Yes, you can! You can bring your thumb and your bike! There will be some spots to leave your bike safely.

Is there a Lost & Found service?

Yes. If you find something or if you lose something leave it or find it at the info point of the festival.

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