HitchFest's Location and Region


The Site

The festival site has plenty of good vibrations and energy. Inserted in between small mountains and in the middle of Nature, the quiteness of its fauna and flora are very attractive. You can find animals as foxes or eagles that surround the place.

At the site you have plenty of trees which give you a lot of shade during the summer months making the place fresher and more pleasent when the weather gets hot.

Moreover, the nearby surroundings are ideal for hiking and for breathing the fresh air of the region. You can find very old stones and monuments which will impress you!

Some mouthwatering pictures of the site to open your curiosity:


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The region

Marco de Canaveses is a Nature's paradise that we think combines great with the idea of the festival. Here are some marvelous pictures of the area:


Marco de Canaveses municipality is part of the Baixo-Tamega region (the south part of the Tamega River region in Portugal) which offers a big historical and patrimonial heritage. This region is composed by other 5 municipalities: Amarante, Baiao, Cabeceiras de Basto, Celorico de Basto and Mondim de Basto.

Moreover, the county of Marco de Canaveses is also marked by the presence of the other water course besides the Tamega River, the Douro River, as well as the warmth of its people and traditions. Marco's vast architectural heritage and its Roman city of Tongobriga with over 2000 years of history are also another attractions. The Baroque architecture is present in some monuments.

The council of Marco de Canaveses is located in the North of Portugal, and has an area of 202 km². It distances 56 km from Porto. Its green landscapes will make you wanting more.

Nature lovers will love the mountains of Aboboreira and Montedeiras (where the HitchFest is held), where you can take long and refreshing walks and even find important pre-historic evidence such as dolmens and tumuli. We recommend the experience of the 7 small hiking routes (PR) that include Nature and architectural heritage.

A visit to Marco de Canaveses will never be complete without passing through its museums; these include the museum of Carmen Miranda; the stone museum; the craftsman store; linen and wine museum; the centre for promoting local products and the house of traditional products in Bitetos.

The traditional taste and aroma of its gastronomy takes you to another level. Vinho verde wine is just one example of that. Marco de Canaveses is part of the marked region of Vinho Verde, where you will find unique nectars, fresh and full of aroma, recognised not only in Portugal but also worldwide.


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