The team


HitchFest is being voluntarily and passionately organized by a group of hitchhikers, with the support of the local association Amigos do Rio Ovelha and the local municipality Câmara Municipal de Marco de Canaveses.



Fred - logistics, production & fundraising

Living like a nomad, I can't stand being only at one place anyway. I have been on the road since I discovered I was part of the world. I started my hitchhiking trips in 2008. Since that time, I have covered several places, and some of them several times. I am committed to several self-sustainability projects. One of my goals is to cover most of the world hitching. I definitely want to get in touch with hitchhikers or nomads who traveled different parts of the planet and listen to their stories. To travel with no rush is essential, as I like to see the world slowly. I'm interested in healthy local food, soap making, Tui Na, natural construction, off the grid and self-sustainability, cooperatives, activism, tango, DIY 





Vero - volunteers & stalls

I've traveled two years backpacking and three on a van - my current home - meeting sustainable projects such as communities, farms, schools and looking forward to make my new big travel. Through traveling I am discovering more about my self and my path. I'm a chef at a Waldorf school in Boliqueime, southern Portugal, where I currently live. I've created Hachá - alternative healthy vegetarian chaishop/chillout. Nature lover, I made a permaculture course where I find tools to be more sustainable. I set life goals and daily devote myself to them. I focus on humanized birth, and I've recently done a training to be a doula. Other interest are playing clarinete, friends and family. 





Kiko - communication

In the last many years, only three times I slept for a month in the same bed. In all of them, it was a moving bed, as I flowed through the oceans hitchhiking sailing boats. I wander around the planet looking to discover the magic of existance. Instead of that popular dream of a tropical beach, i imagine how exotic it would be to one day decorate my own bedroom and grow my own tomatoes. I have been magnetically attracted to Lisbon, where I (never) grew up. I am a pirate, a journalist, a street musician, an activist, a farmer, a hobo. I take part in social and environmental justice movements, but I might call it a day the day all passports turn into paper planes, shopping malls become capitalism museums, and pipelines transport fruit juice





João - program & activities

I am an optimist but realist committed to spread a little more understanding and love where I go. I lived 29 Springs and 29 Winters and I liked them all. It doesn´t interest me so much where I am or where I go, but the way I interpret each place or each being. This is how I learn, but as everything changes constantly I do not know how I will learn tomorrow. In the meantime, just want to be aware of what I am



Want to join us? Drop us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.