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HitchFast - The magnificent hitchhiking contest of the HitchFest!

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Whether it’s the first time you stick your thumb to the unknown, or you’re a hitchhiking master. Whether you come from a faraway city or from one of the festivals happening before HitchFest... Embrace this sublime challenge: 

Hitchhike to the HitchFest, and qualify to win... amazing stuff! 

First challenge
Choose a mascot (be it a teddy bear, a carrot, whatever you like) 
Take one or several selfies with your drivers and your mascot along your trip - and send it to our HitchFest page by PM, with:

Short description
Name of the traveler or team
Place and time/date of departure

The photo with more likes wins!


Second challenge
Send us a PM (or an email if you don’t use fa$ebook) or fill at the HitchFest welcome area these answers:
1)Lamest excuse(s) for not picking you up:
2) Lamest car:
3) Shortest ride:
4) Longest waiting time: 
5) Deep thought you came up with during the trip:
6) Story that happened on the trip:

A highly competent jury will judiciously judge the answers

Last but not least
Bring one or several hitchhiking signs from your journey (it can read "Marco de Canaveses", or "Hawai", or…no limits for imagination)

We’ll all elect the best sign on the festival!

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HitchFest will be the beggining of the HitchGathering 2017 caravan!

In 8 of august 2008 - 08/08/08 - a bunch of hithhikers coming from all over decided to meet under the Eiffel Tower in Paris - to share experiences and to promote hitchhiking. Hitchgatherings have happened in Europe each summer ever since, and also in other parts of the world. To celebrate the 10th Hitchgathering, this year we're having a trans-european hitchhiking caravan, starting here at the HitchFest! We invite everyone to hit the road at the end of the festival and join the main event from 10 to 26 August at Traumschule in Riebau, Germany.

New dates announced!

Hey hey, some news: the HitchFest will take place from August 2 to 6!

It will all start on Wednesday evening, August 2. Due to a logistical issue with the municipality, we had to change the dates we had first announced - we're sorry for that.

But if you were lacking another reason to come all the way to this corner of Europe, we're happy to tell you that before the HicthFest there's the most amazing world music festival you can think of, a celtic folk festival and a new free world music festival. And right on the following week there will be the gorgeous folk dance festival Andanças and also Freedom.

Let's make the news travel through the roads of this planet. Spread the word: early August, all thumbs point to Portugal!

Dear hitchhikers, nomads, travellers and all those who are beginning their adventure in this world,

We are online! First, we gotta say many THANKS to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.who put his effort and best feelings into our website's construction. Feel free to get in touch with him through the contact at the end of the page for any requests concerning webdesign and webdevelopping. And THANKS to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for her gorgeous drawings!

It has been a long walk to arrive at this point, putting together our feelings and ideas for this festival, always with cooperation, diversity, ecology, spirituality and friendship in mind.

HitchFest can take place because of all of you who share our philosophy and principles and want to take part. Please take a look through HitchFest's website and the ways to participate. Applications are now open! Feel free to contact us for any important questions.
Keep tuned for more news to come, as they will surely be exciting! That's it for now!
Thank you to all of you!

Peace, love, and knowledge,

HitchFest team

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