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We are looking for talented travelers!

Do you want to join the very first edition of HitchFest, and be part of the pioneers that will build this unique festival?


We want to thank you for your interest in sharing your talent! HitchFest can take place thanks to people like you, who share their time and passion. Please read the information on this page.

We are a festival made by hitchhikers and people who share that spirit!

What we are looking for:

Speakers for the following areas:

• Inspiring travelling experiences (hitchhiking, cycling, with a family, as queer/transgender...)
• Antropology and world cultures
• Book/Blog/Guide Writters
• Sustainability and ecology
• Renewable energies, self-sufficiency, DIY
• Migration and activism
• Organic farming and agroecology
• Other proposals - explained in the application form

Workshoppers for the following areas:

• Alternative therapies
• Traditional/modern healthy food
• Organic farming and agroecology
• Meditation
• Music and dance
• Natural construction and carpentry
• Renewable energies, off-the-grid, DIY
• Circus arts
• Other proposals - explain in the application form

Performers/Artists for the following areas:

• Music
• Street theatre
• Dance
• Cinema
• Photography/Painting/Drawing
• Juggling
• Fire performing
• Other proposals - explained in the application form

Feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions. Now, let's start our adventure! Fill in the application form for performing at HitchFest here.

*Please be aware this requires commitment and responsibility. Make sure you are able to participate! 

Please read our Terms & Conditions

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Come celebrate life and movement!