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HitchFest is a donation-based festival

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You name your price!

Like all festivals, HitchFest involves a bunch of expenses: logistics and infrastructures, transports, food... 

Each of us coming to the festival will chose the amount we give, and one may consider several things: how much money is needed in total, how much other festivals cost (often with sponsors behind), how much money I have, the fact that the more I give the more others economically less at ease will be able to attend, and the more I make a next edition possible.

Besides money, helping the organization, spreading the word, offering food, volunteering before, during or after the festival, participating with a concert, a presentation or a stall... they are all welcome!

You can make your donation at the arrival or during the festival. But it would be awesome if you can donate now and thus help us setting everything up for this first edition 

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IBAN: PT50 0045 1343 4024 8472 0733 4


Account's name: Associação dos Amigos do Rio Ovelha

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